Meet the Coach

Charles Miller

Charlie Miller began playing soccer when he was a Junior in high school in Old Bridge, the same year he accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord.  He played college soccer for three seasons at Northeastern Bible College where his team was the first to win the NCCAA National Championship.  He also played two seasons for Washington Bible College where he held the record for the most amount of assists, five, in one game.  Miller has been coaching various HS sports for over 20 years at three different schools.  He has been coaching for Calvary since at Calvary 2010, and has coached both Girls’ and Boys’ varsity soccer as well as middle school soccer.

  • Schedule
    09/24 vs Calvary Academy 4:00 PM L 2-3
    09/27 @ Wardlaw-Hartridge 4:00 PM L 0-2
    10/01 vs St. Thomas 4:00 PM W 2-0
    10/08 @ St Thomas 4:00 PM  T 1-1
    10/10  vs Wardlaw-Hartridge 4:15 PM
    10/15 @ Timothy 4:00 PM
    10/18 @ Calvary Academy 4:00 PM
    10/22 vs St. Thomas 4:00 PM
     10/25 Lion’s Tournament TBD TBD
  • Roster
     8  Aiden Long
     8  Ryan Jacobs
     8  Timothy Cranga
     8  Jonathan Conte
     8  Elizabeth Weaver
     8  Hannah Raike
     8  Destiny Mancuso
     7  Kyle Durkin
     7  Kaleb Akselsen
     7  Toby Mistak
     7  Joseph Lucas
     7  Joshua Allencar
     7  Jeremiah Cachie
     7  Ava Zielinski
     7  Kristinna Rodriguez
     6  James Keely
    6  Joseph Camagna
     6  Julia Jacobs
     6  Rachel Hartman
     6  Rachael Schafer